Emily Halpin


"Our relationship with clients is special, and it gives me the insight to make sure we're building the very best products for the very best events. Above all else, the experience our clients have with our tools is my highest priority."

Archie Messersmith-
Bunting, M.S.


"With 20+ years in HigherEd, I've brought every ounce of experience I've had into the fabric of Tikkit. Data driven event management is the future of campus life. I'm here to make that frictionless."

Bryan Ellis


"It's amazing what modern tools can do to transform highly dated industries, and we're seeing first-hand how that can be applied to EventTech. In my free time, I'm looking for ways to push our software even further with tools like AI and our patented admission tech."

Dominic Konstam


Bringing our platform to new clients everyday is extremely exciting. I love working with our customers to ideate new features and create best-in-class solutions.